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Welcome to NBC's
Equipping Ministry


Do you have a shrunken soul?

We were created to have giant expansive souls that welcome God and others in as an act of love. But when we fail in our spiritual struggles, our souls shrink into a little point. We lock God out and we lock other people out. We love only ourselves.


We invite you to expand your soul with us.
Open your soul to God. Open your soul to others.


The Equipping Ministry exists for one purpose: to help as many people as possible grow in their love of God, love of one another and love of the lost. Everything we do is “for your progress and joy in the faith” (Philippians 1:25). This verse points out two very important things that I think we tend of overlook:

(1) there ought to be “progress” in following Jesus
(2) there ought to be “joy” in following Jesus

Our hope is that, through our Equipping Courses, you will see real growth in following Jesus, that you would make progress in your journey with Him. And along with that, we hope that you experience the joy of authentic relationship with Him.

Growing along with you,

Jeff Lawrence
Minister of Equipping

Contact -
(214) 368-7092, ext. 174