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Crisis Pregnancies

Grace Maternity Home

Grace Maternity home is a ministry for women 18 to 25 years and older who have unplanned pregnancies. 
The home exists to provide a place of unconditional love and care for these women.  They do this by providing
a nice, safe environment where the women can live while they go through this challenging part of their life.
They desire each woman who enters Grace to be early in their pregnancy so that they can have time to impact
their lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

The home is run and supervised 24 hours each day by Nicole, the house mother.  Nicole cooks with the girls,
makes sure that they follow the house guidelines, takes the girls to the doctor, prays for the girls, and shares
the Gospel with each girl.   

Grace offers home schooling, G.E.D programs, S.A.T preparation, animal care training, computer training,
Church attendance at Denton Bible Church, counseling, and pre-natal care.  The provision of pre-natal care
is one of the highlights of the ministry at Grace.  It is estimated that about 46% of all unmarried teens have
little or no pre-natal care!

Contact David Blair at 972-709-3470 or email at


Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center (Dallas Life)

The Pregnancy Resource Center (D.P.R.C) is a ministry targeted to women with unwanted pregnancies. 
They are an unashamedly Christian organization existing for the purpose of showing Christ-like love to women
who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, and encouraging them in view of this love to choose life for
their unborn babies.  Last year the D.P.R.C facilitated over 2,300 client visits.   

Most of the women who walk through their doors are contemplating abortion.  The initial interaction with these
women with Dallas Life is through what is called an Advocate.  This person is a trained counselor who listens to
their story, speaks the gospel into their life, and informs them of the implications of the choice that they are about
to make for the child they are carrying.   

The second phase of the ministry is the clinic.  The primary purpose of the clinic is to show the women a
sonogram of the baby that is living in them.

To get involved in this wonderful outreach to the City of Dallas please contact:
Earlene Jones at 214-369-6281or email at