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There are ways you can help us out with the Motor Show.

An event like the Motor Show takes lots of manpower to run smoothly.  You can help by volunteering.  At lots of events when you volunteer you miss out on all the fun and everything that is going on.  The great thing about volunteering at the Motor-Show is that you will be able to serve and still fully participate in everything that goes on. To volunteer, please fill out the form, check an area or areas you would be interested in helping with, click the submit button and we will contact you about serving.



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    Please make sure you filled out the form above and then check any of the areas you would be willing to serve.
  Parking Team      Set up Crew       Clean up Crew                 Car Registration   Food Service Team Leader                                Demo Car Team  Ticket Sales Church Courtyard



For more information about how you can get involved, please contact

Mike Cassell at 214-368-7092 ext 104 or



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