The Gospel


I.     Who is Jesus?

II.    What Jesus Claimed
    A. Jesus claimed to be God
    B. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God
    C. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah (Christ)
    D. Jesus claimed to be able to give eternal life

III.  What Others Said About Jesus
    A. The Bible says Jesus is God
    B. His followers say he is the Christ (messiah)
    C. Demons recognize him as the Son of God
    D. The Samaritans know he is the Savior

IV.   What Jesus Did
    A. Miracles Performed
    B. Prophesies Fulfilled
    C. Paid the Penalty of Our Sin

V.    Why Do We Need Jesus?
    A. Heaven is a Free Gift and is not
         earned or deserved.
    B. Man can never be good enough
         to be acceptable to God.
    C. God is Just.
    D. God is Loving.

VI.   How Can I Have Eternal Life?
    A. Confess your sins
    B. Turn from your sins (repent)
    C. Believe in Jesus Christ
    D. Receive (by faith) the gift of eternal life.

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Who is Jesus
Jesus claimed
Others say
What Jesus did
Needing Him
Eternal life

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