Sunday School Classes, Times and Locations


Sunday Morning Adult Classes 
9:45 a.m. 


The Agape class has an instruction/discussion format, emphasizing Scriptural application to life. Small groups meet outside of class regularly for Bible study and fellowship.  Consists of married couples ages 30-45 plus.  Class size averages around 30-40 and meets in the CLC 306-307.

Leadership:  David & Malinda Arvesen 214-696-0925;, Chris & Diane Paddison 214-363-9590;

Agape Class Website


The Ambassador Class is taught by Imanuel Christian in CLC 201-202 to a wide range of ages from 20-80 plus!  The class focuses upon in-depth Bible teaching, usually in a lecture format.

Leadership:  Dennis Mountz, Jack Padgett, Tom & Mary O’Dwyer (214) 521-6603;


The Barnabas Class meets in the CLC 204.  This class seeks a diversity of ages and backgrounds and includes singles, parents and grandparents, placing an emphasis on the application of Bible passages in the atmosphere of interaction and class participation.  In addition to the regular Sunday program, the Barnabas Class encourages people to get to know one another through fellowship, small group activities, and service.  All ages are welcome!  We are currently studying the Purpose Driven Life with video series by Rick Warren.

Leadership: Don & Suzy Robb, Joel & Sandy Morris, Doug & Nancy Williams; (972) 255-1080


Dr. Don Campbell teaches the Berean Class in the CLC Quads A & B.  It is a class of expository teaching and Christian fellowship for adults of all ages. Class size is about 80-100.

Leadership:  Jerry Ridnour (214) 691-3101;


This class is great for anyone not currently attending a Sunday School Class or anyone desiring fellowship and the opportunity to learn about the application of God’s Word to our daily living – a place where God’s grace is demonstrated through the love and acceptance of each other.  It is taught by Ken Winebrenner and meets in the CLC Room 203.  

Leadership:  Dick & Lynn Hoffman (972) 490-8055;


For singles and married adults of all ages.  This class meets in CLC 206-207 and blends in-depth Bible teaching with discussion and a focus on life application.  Class size averages about 20-30 people.

Leadership:  Jack McNairy, Randy Groff  (972) 283-6719


The Salt & Light Class is taught by Dr. David Bendor-Samuel in CLC 303.   It studies Bible books in their historical context, drawing out their major themes and their relevance to life today.  It is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding Scripture more fully.  Attendance is generally 20-30.


Leadership: Ban Capron; (972) 233-3996




Also known as One Cause Groups, our Singles classes meet at both 9:45 & 11:15 in CLC 101-104.  Visit for more information, and if you're new to Northwest, be sure to visit the One Connect table in the CLC foyer.


Sunday Morning Adult Classes 
11:15 a.m.




If you are newly married and looking for a place to plug in with other newly married couples, find community, fellowship and the opportunity to study God's word together, this the place for you.

We meet in CLC 201-202.


Leadership: John & Myra Boynton, Scott & Rebecca Whitaker (214) 673-1052;



If you are a young married couple and looking for a place to plug in with other couples here at NBC, then The Legacy Class is the place for you. The class will operate with a small discussion group format to encourage married couples to study God’s Word together.          We meet in CLC 306-307. Come join us!

Leadership:  Matt &  Courtney  Klingler, Alan & Kathryn Morriss David & Janet Reed,                                              


The Sojourners Class is a community of married couples and young families committed to growing in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.  We seek to apply the Scriptures to our lives as we love and serve one another and reach out to our communities with the Gospel.  The class format is intimate and interactive, and the teaching is lead by Hugh Henderson. It meets in the CLC 206-207.  Current attendance averages around 30.  Check out our website.

Leadership:  Tom Browning, Dave Harvey (214) 503-9820;


Appropriate for women of all ages and life experiences.  Meets in CLC 205.

Leadership:  Bette Smyth  (214) 319-9447;  & Lisa Fanning  (214) 739-1926;