Top 5 Things to Consider When Designing a Church Website

When trying to design the perfect website for your church, you have to do a lot more business thinking than you would imagine. Although the church website should serve as a defector inspirational platform, it still has to perform and achieve all the fundamental requirements of a good website. That is:

– It has to serve a resource for both believers who worship at your church and for those who are seeking a new congregation to join- It has to contain all the pertinent information that any website user would need- It has to adhere to the pre-set White-Hat SEO rules or else Google will barn it from the results pages- It has to be attractive as much as it is effective.

With all this in mind, here are some church web design tips and mistakes to avoid when coming up with a beautiful platform for your church.


Church Web Design Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Make it attractive

This is a rule that must be followed if you want the church website to get hits and regular readers. No matter how devout we are, human beings are visual creatures who love beautiful things. Employ a designer’s point of view when coming up with the layout as well as the content of the website. Have wonderful images, great text and a well-organized platform that is both easy to navigate and to look at. Just because it is a church website doesn’t mean that it had to be dreary and riddled full of scripture. You can spice it up a little while maintaining the prayerful theme that is appropriate for this kind of platform.

Be accommodating to new users and attendees

Most churches mainly focus on the regular attendees. After all, this is the flock that the church leaders are meant to look after. But when building your website, only doing it for the sake of these regular attendees may prove to be counterproductive. As a church, you are supposed to be a beacon of hope and refuge for anyone passing through. Make sure that you have a section for new users and attendees as well. Create a tab for new users and let them feel welcome. This will encourage them to explore the rest of the site and maybe even attend a few services.

Let obvious things be obvious

There are some things that should be loudly stated within the website. These are things that anyone visiting the church website will see first before they see anything else. Apart from the fluidity and beauty of the design, some of the most obvious things that should stand out include:

– Church location- Number of services offered and timings- Presiding pastor or bishop- A welcome page that assures everyone that they will be treated as family

These things will not only make the site a useful resource, but it will allow you to capture the attention of passerby and to direct them towards your church or even other pages within the site. These are the simple, yet pertinent church web design tips that must be adhered to.